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Participation in Sakai Discussion

Selections from my Sakai discussion participation:

Re: Welcome
Hi Everyone!

My name is Naomi Fosher and this is my final semester in the GSLIS program. I am doing my PFE at Brown in the Rockefeller Library with the Instructional Design Librarian Sarah Bordac. I will be creating library instruction in the forms of module-based web content and complimentary face-to-face material. The tutorials I create wil be used in their new learning management system Canvas. I’m pretty excited about my project and it sounds like everyone has really interesting PFEs!

I am also learning how to use WordPress in my PFE and I am blogging about my experiences for my journal component. Please feel free to check out and follow my blog:

Good luck to everyone!

Re: What happens at your site?
At Brown University I work in the Rockefeller Library. My site supervisor is on Level A of the libary and I work right in the office suite with Sarah and 2 other librarians – the Social Sciences Librarian Carina Cournoyer (our very own GSLIS alum) and the Art and Architecture Librarian Karen Bouchard. I find it stimulating to be in the office because there’s always someone to bounce ideas off of and tag along with to meetings and presentations. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a decent amount of time with Carina and ask her questions about the job market, Brown and information literacy instruction.

My major project is to create 2 module web-content ILI tutorials to be used in the new learning management system which will be introduced in the Fall 2012 semester. I work mainly with Sarah in the office on this. So far though, it’s been a pleasant surprise in that I’ve had a lot of different mini-projects and other learning opportunities. I’ve observed 1 instruction session so far with more to come. I was able to work on the Writing website’s ESL/ESOL pages using Dreamweaver. I also have been able to attend a lot of meetings – Scholarly Resources Meeting, Writing Center ESOL Meeting and the interview session with a job candidate. I also attended the Brendel Lecture with Darrell West and the job candidate’s presentation.

What I love about the PFE is that I never know exactly what I am going to do that day until I get there and talk to Sarah. She tries to give me notice on meetings and observation sessions, but sometimes it isn’t possible. She also is a great advocate for your interests and she encourages me to let her know of anything I want to explore or learn about at Brown.