Hello and welcome to my blog! Chronicling my day-by-day experiences at my instructional design internship at Brown, I have tried to provide a comprehensive and detailed look into all facets of the last chapter in my MLIS career.

You can find more in the Introduction and About this Blog postings, but this internship project meets the requirement for my last MLIS course, LSC 595: Professional Field Experience. For the course I have to complete 135 hours on site, keep a journal each day that I work, create a portfolio and present my experiences at a poster session in December.

For my internship I am working at Brown University’s Rockefeller Library with the instructional design librarian Sarah Bordac. I am taking a look at Brown’s current library instruction, current and future needs, instructional standards/outcomes/goals, new research tools (like their catalog) and their up-and-coming learning management system Canvas. The idea is that I can evaluate, assess and create the most effective research tools and information for users at Brown.

Along the way I will also be exploring other opportunities at Brown as they come up which include things like seminars, presentations, events, meetings, other mini-projects, tours, etc.

A little bit about me, Naomi Fosher, the intern and administrator of this blog. I am a graduate student at the University of Rhode Island with dual major in Library & Information Studies and English Literature. My expected date of graduation is this upcoming December 2011 where I will receive both my master’s degrees. I have a BA from Plymouth State University in English Literature with a minor in music.

The focus of my MLIS degree is on information literacy instruction, reference services, instructional technology and instructional design. I have worked at the URI Reference Desk for over a year providing general reference services (through in-person, IM, e-mail and phone) as well as instruction to URI 101, WRT 104, WRT 105 and WRT 106 students. I have completed the comprehensive reference training (through the URI Reference Dept) which included two hour training sessions each week for a full semester. Training covered all disciplines and major resources and databases of each. I also work at the URI Curriculum Materials Library providing subject specific reference and instruction in order to support the learning and technology needs of the students and faculty in the School of Education.

The focus of my MA in English is on American literature and poetry. I have presented at two different conferences and have a variety of publications including an essay in a recent book titled Simulation in Media and Culture: Believing the Hype. My research interests include: hypertext theory, postmodernism, Jean Baudrillard’s idea of hyperreality, cultural theory, scholarly multimedia, as well as visual and media literacy.

Please visit my website and professional portfolio to learn more about my experiences and interests: http://sites.google.com/site/nlfosher

Thanks for visiting and please feel free to contact me with any questions at nlfosher at plymouth.edu. I also appreciate comments on my blog and will publish them after a quick review to ensure they’re not spam.


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