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Day 21 – Worked 6 hours
Total hours thus far: 128.25

It is hard to believe that today is my second to last day here at Brown and there’s still so much to finish!

Sarah and I met first thing in the morning to touch base and decide on what I should focus on for the last few days of work.

Here are the Goals:

Finish the lesson plans for the “Considering Creation, Use and Reuse of Information” module.

Finish “Plagiarism” module with two sub-modules (“What is it?” and “Variations on one Example”)

Work on bulk of new content that needs to be drafted for the “Citations” module – includes components “There are different citation styles” (context for discipline’s needs and purpose) and “Importance to author and researcher.” The other three sections Sarah felt that Brown already had some content, but these two pieces were the most crucial.

It is imperative that I get the last of the video recordings for Arlando as well. I still have to record the last four sub-modules for him so he can create videos. I also need to make sure that I provide Sarah with the scripts for each of the videos and along with the text content for each of the sub-modules.

If there’s time I can work on assessment components as well for the Citations and Plagiarism modules.

That’s a lot to tackle today and Monday, but I’m going to try.

First, I finished the face-to-face lesson plans: Lesson Plans -Considering Creation Use and Reuse of Info. I am pleased with the way they came out. I tried to make them as “modular” as possible so that the librarian could choose the pieces of the lesson which fit the needs of the class. Obviously the librarians at Brown have been been providing library instruction for much longer than I have, but I thought it might be nice to have more information available in a lesson plan rather than less. I do not expect anyone to simply take everything from the lesson plans and use them as is, but I sort of see them as an exploratory template to guide an instruction session component on the ethical use of information. As I stated in the outline, the lesson would be particularly effective if it’s paired with a subject specific instruction session.

I attended another candidate presentation (I unfortunately was unable to stay for his/her interview session). Funny thing is that of the three candidate presentations/interview sessions I attended, each of them was for a different position. It’s a bummer that I was never able to attend more than one for a position.

And finally, I headed home to work on the scripts and record the sound files for Arlando. I needed to work on the recordings for these sub-modules: Copyright, Fair Use and How Do I Know if I Can Use This…? I was able to adapt the text I had drafted with only minor adjustments. What I did find was that I kept making small errors somewhere in the recording and had to start over multiple times. I’m sure it wouldn’t have mattered if I kept going and Arlando would have edited out the mistakes, but I wanted to get him as clean an audio file as I possibly could. What I ended up doing was recording each of the sub-modules in two separate sections. This way there was less text for me to read for each sound file and it might end up working out that Arlando uses both parts for two separate videos on each topic. I was noticing that the recordings were getting a little bit long and we wanted to keep the videos around a minute or two. Arlando let me know that more is better for him because he can always edit down, but he cannot create audio where there isn’t any.

When I get a chance I can upload the sound clips to Sound Cloud so you can listen to each of them.

I was unable to get to work on my presentation for Monday so I will have to work on it over the weekend instead. I am presenting to Sarah, Arlando, Carina and Ned Quist. I know I am going to make a Prezi and I hope I can adapt or reuse it for my online poster presentation for the URI GSLIS as well.