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Day 17 – Worked 6 hours
Total hours thus far: 104.75

I sent Arlando the links to the two sound files earlier this week and he replied saying he was going to continue to work on the Creative Commons video using the new audio. *fingers crossed* that this audio track is more conducive to the video format!

Arlando also sent some really interesting links about technology, website grid design and library instruction design (from the perspective of retail). He selected a mix of articles and videos:

Grid System by Jeff Atwood (legendary programmer blogger dude):

I found the rebuttal to the Microsoft 2021 video to be informative and different. Why reduce all of our human capacity to just running around the world swiping our fingers along screens? There are a significant amount of technologies in the video which I think are fascinating and would make life easier, but there are also a lot that I think are using technology for technologies sake. For example, I think having the time showing in the car’s window is a great idea and how the building where her meeting will be is pointed out. A lot of the technologies by the end of the video I wasn’t as excited about. What recipe “database” was the mom searching anyways? It seems like she only went to one place to search and there are hundreds upon thousands of recipes in the world. Are they really going to be in just one website or database or is she just going to her favorite one?

Today I also worked on the “Considering Creation, Use & Reuse of Information” sub-module. I am trying to finish this as quick as possible because I only have five more days and about 30 hours left of my PFE! I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by.

Specifically, I finished the “How do I know if I can use this…?” component and I am in the middle of the “Copyright” component. I am being challenged by how immense the information is on copyright and how to narrow down only the most relevant and “simplest” information for the tutorial. I do not want to be reductive, but I want to be clear, concise and simple in the information I choose to address. In my original outline, I had not included fair use to be a topic covered, but I think that it would be a wise choice as a way to transition into all of the great ways that copyright helps to protect you as a creator and user of information. Once I have completed both sub-components I will post them. It will probably be in the next posting on Friday!