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Day 16 – Worked 6 hours
Total hours thus far: 98.75

The meeting this morning with Arlando illuminated a few things that we could not have seen had be not begun working on the Creative Commons tutorial video. He used the scratch track I sent him and began to create the video content. He created an exploding grid design which he had mentioned at the last meeting. Everything was really beautiful, but what he and Sarah found was that some of the sentence structure was a bit awkward so it needed to be revised and a few items switched around. We also found that the pace that I read the script was a bit too quick when thinking about adding video content. The video has to move at the speed of the audio and the video felt rushed.

What Sarah recommended I do is keep the original “script” and use that as the text component for the tutorial (the written out text that will live alongside the video – we have to be ADA compliant. A screen reader can be used with text, not necessarily video). Then I should adapt the text to be better suited for an audio track for a video. She suggested I create a google spreadsheet and essentially create a storyboard. The storyboard will have each smaller piece of script matched up with ideas for visuals. I can find the visuals through creativecommons.org and this will give Arlando something to work with. At the end of the day this is what I came up with: Storyboard- Intellectual Property and Creative Commons Script

I found quite a few relevant images and I was able to find images which Arlando may be able to create new circle icons for the creator rights of “owning” and “profiting” from a work. That way we will have images for each of the creator rights and they will all be uniform. The toolbar image I love and am so happy it was part of a Creative Commons webinar and it’s of course under an attribution license. Thank-you Creative Commons!

I also want to share with you the updated sound tracks. In order to send them to Arlando via e-mail I had to separate them.

Here’s the new “Intellectual Property” audio track:

Here’s the new “Creative Commons” audio track: