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Day 15 – Worked 6 hours
Total hours thus far: 92.75

I met with Sarah to discuss the keywords and outline description captions and she definitely recommended I try to think from the point of a user. She provided some examples like a user might search for “cite” rather than “citation” and search for “references” or “bibliography.” Here my second attempt at it: Revised – Module 2: Descriptive Sentences and Keywords

Sarah also recommended I take a look at the outline brainstorm that she and Carina created (which I got at the beginning of the internship). In case you forgot what it looks like this is it: Library Instruction Brainstorming. Sarah thinks this will help when thinking about the framework for the website restructure and to help me think about how the pieces of the tutorial fit.

She recommended I start working on the face-to-face instruction component as well. She proposed that I think about two different whole lessons using the online content for 50 minute library instruction session to a first year students audience.

We also discussed the assessment pieces of the tutorial and I explained my idea of having the assessment parts be interspersed throughout the tutorial because of the fact that the entire tutorial may be manipulated and taken apart. Having an assessment piece be a stand alone entity won’t be as interesting or productive. Sarah’s major recommendation is to make the assessment pieces challenging.

And, since I am going to be unable to attend the poster presentation session at URI for the PFE projects Sarah thought it might be helpful for me to present to Brown librarians about my PFE project. So far Ned Quist, Sarah and Carina are attending. Arlando might also be part of the presentation since he has an important role in the creation of the tutorial. We set the date and time for Monday December 5th from 10am-11am.

When we met with Arlando today he was interested in participating in the presentation although Sarah assured him that it would be me, not him in the “hot seat.” Arlando had drafted a few ideas for the Creative Commons sub-module that he shared with us. He was thinking of using the idea of an exploding grid to represent the sharing and coming together of ideas that Creative Commons fosters. Sarah thought that he might use that idea as a structural project for the whole tutorial. We plan on meeting with Arlando on Monday to look at a potential draft of Creative Commons video.