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Day 12 – Worked 6 hours
Total hours thus far: 73.75

Today was a very busy day as I had draft a large amount of information for Friday.

Sarah met with Ned Quist and was able to take a minute to show him the module outline. Ned is the campus liaison for copyright information and Sarah thought his feedback would be helpful in thinking about the structure and important information in the module. Looking over the Responsible and Ethical Use of Information Module visual outline, Ned recommended the addition of information on open access somewhere in the tutorial. I am not sure yet where I want to add this, but I agree that it’s absolutely necessary to add it. Thanks to Ned for catching that!

I started my work on the keywords and description captions for the “Ethical Use of Information” module as a whole. I am finding it easier to start working with the smallest parts first and then work my way to the descriptions and keywords of the larger parts. This way, I am able to then use the information I created for the smaller parts. I am finding it really challenging to create effective keywords because I am going to want to include words that users would search for – essentially thinking about the controlled language, but also the most common words a user could use. I try to think about the “see” and “see as” function of cataloging. I will hopefully be finished with the keywords and description captions either today or Friday.

The major project of today is drafting the content of the Creative Commons and Intellectual Property components of the “Considering Creation, Use and Reuse of Information” sub-module. I need to finish this for a meeting with Arlando on Friday so he can have something to start working on. He is a busy student who has a lot going on and I know the end of the semester is tough. It is my hope (and Sarah’s) that I finish working on two components so Arlando can create these sub-sub-modules by the time I am finished my internship. Arlando is graduating in May as well so efficiency and timeliness is key in this project.

I can’t focus on this point enough in this project, but my main goal is to create simple and informative information for the tutorial. For the intellectual property content I want to focus on:
– What is intellectual property?
– How is intellectual property protected?
– Rights for you as a creator of intellectual works.

There are so many other areas of intellectual property I can address, but I think these are the main ideas that are most important to students at Brown. Some of the other areas I can address in other components of the tutorial, like in the copyright or fair use sections.

For the Creative Commons component I want to address two main things:
– What does Creative Commons enable you to do as a creator of a work?
– How do you find Creative Commons licensed works?

The information and content either about Creative Commons or created by the folks at Creative Commons is so great that I do not want to bother trying to re-create something which has already been done. Instead, the tutorial will outline the two key points and then refer the user to the Creatives Commons website at www.creativecommons.org for further information.

At the end of the day this is what I finally came up with as a draft for both components. Check it out: Intellectual Property and Creative Commons Sub-Modules.

The way this content is going to exist on a webpage is in text for (as is) and also in video form where I am going to record the information in an audio track and then Arlando is going to create the video content using my audio.