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Day 10 – Worked 6 hours
Total hours thus far: 62.25

The first item on the agenda for today was finishing the ESL/ESOL website. All that was left was the “Resources at Brown” page and I had to find dictionaries and writing styles guides to include on the page. I was able to find about six resources total for the page and added links to the catalog record. The process of finding the dictionaries was a bit tedious because of the way the new discover tool works. In theory I really like how the discovery tools brings up books (and other resources like movies) in one column and then articles in the second column when you do a search. What I find is that you are overwhelmed with results, especially when I was searching for just general dictionaries. I started with the search “dictionary” and “general” then found the subject heading for English language dictionaries from a promising looking record. My search gave me tons of irrelevant results, from psychology dictionaries to Louisiana creole dictionaries. And there are no permalinks in the records in the discovery tool so I had to go into the traditional Josiah catalog to get the permalinks. I found searching in Josiah for dictionaries to be more efficient as my search brought up exactly what I needed the first time.

Today I also finished the outline for the “Responsible & Ethical Use of Information.”  Check it out: “Module Visual Outline.”

When approaching this module I want to have quick, short bits of information. I do not want to overwhelm the user with too much information, but I also want the sub-modules and sub-sub-modules to have enough information to be useful. I tried to approach this project with the idea that the content for each of the three sub-modules would consider the interests and implications from a) the user end and b) the creator. Sarah and I even discussed potentially creating two sub-modules of just user and creator with information from my 3 original categories built in a framework with that perspective. Ned Quist is the copyright advocate at Brown so Sarah and I are going to meet with him on Friday to discuss the module and receive feedback. We are also meeting with the Arlando, the graphic design/IT collaborator, on Friday to discuss a plan and time line for creating the videos. And finally on Friday, I get to attend another Scholarly Resources Meeting.