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Day 8 – Worked 6 hours
Total hours thus far: 51.25

The main task for today was to attempt to finish the ESL writing website project. Sarah wanted to submit it for review next week if possible. I had a few logistical items to attend to, but also a few aesthetic and usability decisions as well.

The logistical tasks included: removing spaces in all the PPT and PDF file names and also change the section name on the site from “PowerPoints” to “Presentations.” I had to use the the Dreamweaver Template for all of the new pages I created which meant I had to go back and paste in the content I had on the placeholder pages created on Monday, and then format them.

Within the template I had to make aesthetic decisions about font type and size as well as spacing and headings. When thinking about usability I had to decide what links are important to users to appear on a top level and what links should appear in a secondary level. For instance, both the “Resources at Brown” and “Internet Resources” links contain information about dictionaries, sources, books, etc. to help ESL/ESOL students with common language and style concerns. While I could have merged the links together I chose to separate them because students might want to quickly scan the website and find resources at Brown or online, rather than clicking in a more encompassing link titled “Resources” which does not describe what or where the resources are. I decided to create a link with both campus and community programs (as opposed to separating them) because the programs offered in Providence are fairly close and easy enough to get to using the bus system, so a distinction with different links was not necessary.

I also had to make it easy for users to navigate to and from each of the pages within this section of the website. I chose to add a link to “Home” at the top of every page which would direct users back to the homepage of the ESL/ESOL section of the writing website. I know it can be so annoying when you cannot quickly get back to the main page of a website and have to keep clicking the back button in your internet browser.

I’m pleased to say that the ESL/ESOL site is almost done, I just have to add resources to the “Resources at Brown” section.

I was also supposed to observe a Nonfiction Writing Program library instruction session today at 1pm in the John Hay Library hosted by the Digital Humanities Librarian. I’m not sure what happened, but I was there about 10 minutes early and by 1:05pm there was still no one there. I knew I was in the correct location because the Bopp Seminar Room is located off of the room housing 5,000 miniature lead soldiers in the Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection. While waiting I enjoyed browsing the collection of rows upon rows of miniature toy soldiers, so my time was well spent.

I ended up back at the office at 1:15pm to check my e-mail and make sure I had the correct day and date for the instruction session. As far as I can tell it was Friday October 7th at 1pm. I am waiting to find out if the instruction session was cancelled or the location changed. For the rest of my day here at Brown, I ended up by having a bit more time to finish up the website project, so all in all it was a productive day.