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Day 7 – Worked 7.5 hours
Total hours thus far: 45.25

I can’t believe I am already one third of the way through my internship here at Brown!

Today was quite a busy day and it started with a 9am meeting with the Coordinator of ESL Writing Support Esther Boucher-Yip. I worked at a Writing Center at Plymouth State University for two years during my undergraduate career so I was particularly excited to learn more about the Writing Center here at Brown and collaborate on a new mini-project.

The Writing Center website has been in the middle of being update for awhile now, but a major piece (the ESL section) still needs to be revamped. Esther had created the content in a google website, but the content needed to be migrated over to the existing Writing website content. I actually think a previous PFE from URI was working on the website updates so it’s exciting to know that I’m going to help wrap up the project and finally get the site live.

This is the existing Writing Center Website: http://www.brown.edu/Student_Services/Writing_Center/ and this is the existing ESL/ESOL page: http://www.brown.edu/Student_Services/Writing_Center/resources_writers/esl_esol.html

So my new task for this mini-project is to take Esther’s content and write up the HTML for it. Then using Dreamweaver I’m going to using a template and migrate all the content so it’s unified and then reorganize the pages as necessary.

It’s great that I get to use Dreamweaver because my experience with the software previous to this PRE was fairly limited. When I was the co-editor of the literary magazine Centripetal I worked with the managing editor’s significant other, Nate, to edit the website and upload the digital copy of the newest edition of Centripetal. I remember the experience as having a bit of a steep learning curve considering I had never seen HTML before. At that point, the version of Dreamweaver we were using didn’t have half the features the current version has. With Nate’s help and patience, I was able to navigate my way around the seemingly odd world of HTML and the website was updated.

The current version of Dreamweaver is so much more user friendly. I know how to hard code HTML, but this makes website design so much simpler. Sarah gave me about a 5 minute run-down of the features of Dreamweaver and I felt confident to tackle the new project. I created the HTML files of Esther’s content, created the link from the new website content, and added links to all the pages from the ESL/ESOL homepage.

I was also really lucky to have the opportunity to attend the presentation of a candidate for the position of Director of Special Collections and the John Hay Library. I was able able to attend his/her interview session. Since this blog is public I don’t want to write much here about the experience specifically until after the position is filled for privacy reasons. What I will say is that I noted quite a few different techniques which I can think about when planning my presentation for upcoming job opportunities.