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Day 6 – Worked 6 hours
Total hours thus far: 37.75

Today I was able to research a bit more about copyright and attempt to find succinct ways to explain the intricate maze that is the contemporary state of copyright here in the US. I didn’t choose to take courses as part of my MLIS coursework which focused specifically on copyright. In all of my courses I did have information about copyright embedded into the subject matter of the course. So my knowledge of copyright is specific, rather than general. I have read articles relevant to copyright and always try to learn more.

To supplement my current knowledge of copyright and to help with this PFE project, I decided to register for a Webinar about Creative Commons. It might be helpful for Brown students to not only understand copyright, but also learn about how to find items that are under creative commons licenses. I thought this video was well done in explaining creative commons licenses, but was also entertaining:


I also thought there were some useful links on copyright here:


The information is useful, it’s just very dense and tough to get through for smaller, sub-modules. I am going to have to highlight the most important elements for the tutorial. I like the way ARL approached educating faculty and TAs about copyright. Their chart is found here which I think is helpful:


I started to sketch the sub-modules for the Ethical Use of Information tutorial. I’m still puzzling it out, but I’d like to get working on the guts of the modules so that Arlando can start on the structure and graphics. I am finding it particularly challenging to figure out how small I should make the submodules and sub-submodules. I want them large enough to provide the relevant information to the user, but small enough that I can include brief(ish) text tutorials and videos which are no more than a minute and thirty seconds long. The planning before I start drafting the text and video script is crucial because this is going to dictate how focused each of the pieces will be.

This substantial period of meditative planning and deliberation meshes with my own writing process. I spend a significant amount of time thinking about the writing, planning out the ideas and organizing my thoughts before I start writing. Not that the actual writing doesn’t take up a decent portion of my time, but I find I spend a large portion of my writing process in the planning stages.

Another element of the design I am finding difficult is that I cannot picture the final product when I am creating the pieces. I am collaborating with Arlando to create the web design the videos for my content so it is a bit strange for me to be creating content with only a vague notion of how the module will look. I suppose I find it helpful to see the “big picture” and in this case it is really impossible to be able to do so. I am adapting just fine to this challenge, but it is just different.

I was also finally able to get my blog situated. I had some holes in my postings that I had to fill in and some links I needed to add.