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Day 2 – Worked 6 hours
Total hours thus far: 12.25

Today was an absolutely beautiful New England fall day and my walk to the library was refreshing. Everyone seemed inspired by the weather as well.

It was a productive day with 3 main parts:

1. I was able to observe a RefWorks Instruction Session led by the Scholarly Resources Librarian Frank Kellerman. I was excited to observe the session because my RefWorks knowledge is self-taught so I was hoping to learn a few new tricks and because I am familiar enough with the software to make effective observations about the instruction itself. I had a great time at the session and I learned how to import a text file into RefWorks which helps in those times when a database does not have a direct export to RefWorks feature. I found the instruction to be fairly fast-paced (but comfortable), personalized and in-depth. Frank went over a lot in the one hour session, but all of the features and processes he went over were important in being able to use the software to capitalize on all of the different ways it can be used. We looked at how to use Write-N-Cite, how to search a catalog from within RefWorks, how to export a reference from a database, how to create a text file of the reference information and then import it into
RefWorks and how to manage folders. We also discussed compatibility concerns with MAC and MS Office and web browsers. Frank also entertained questions about the differences between citation managers including EndNote and Zotero.

What I found so great about the session was that Frank was able to tailor the instruction to each person present. He had a list of everyone who had signed up for the instruction and their area of concentration. It was a very intimate session with three of us there out of the seven who originally signed up. When doing the demonstrations of each of the features Frank made sure to point out and make recommendations for each of us based on our area of interest. So at one point I was searching the HELIN Catalog, the comparative literature student was searching the Brown Library Catalog and I think the other student (who had a medical sciences type concentration) was searching PubMed. The personalization helped so much because each of us could search in the discipline we are most comfortable with and within the resources we will use RefWorks with the most frequently.

2. I am continuing to review the outlines and resources that Sarah gave me on Monday. I feel like I am going to need to observe a few more library sessions before I can start to really wrap my head around the instruction a bit more. I’ve gone through a few chapters of the Understanding by Design book and I’m feeling comfortable and confident with the approach thus far. Working with the Fink text more is on my to-do list.

3. And of course, I am continuing to tweak this blog and learn about all the features. I managed to very easily upload a pdf of the instruction brainstorming outline which was so helpful! I also finally changed the title of the blog and the tagline to something more appropriate to this project. It’s a start at least!